I’m Chef Marisa Lindquist and I have always had a passion for cooking and food. Some of my earliest memories include cooking classes, discovering new cuisines, and desperately wanting an easy bake oven for Christmas. (I never got one. The disappointment of not being able to cook a cake with a lightbulb is real.)

I started my post-college career in merchandising. Despite several satisfying years in the world of corporate retail, I knew something was missing for me. I wanted to cook, so cook I would. I quit my job, enrolled in culinary school and started honing my kitchen skills. After brief stints at the San Francisco Chronicle (writing, styling and recipe testing for the Food Section) and Ristorante Coltibuono (where I cooked for a few months in the Chianti region of Tuscany and learned that wild boar are scary), I set out on my new career path. This hustle of prepping, catering, and meal delivering led to the creation of my in-home personal chef business.

Some of life’s best memories are made around a table, laughing, talking, and sharing a meal with friends and family. The goal of my service is to provide you with more of these moments through healthy, nutritious meals. Hope to feed you soon!